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We can get you the term life insurance coverage you and your family deserve!

Term life insurance is attractive to many clients because of its simplicity. How simple? It furnishes life insurance protection for a fixed period of time, and the insurance benefits are paid to the beneficiary if the person insured dies during the period covered under the policy. (Coverage can be for as little as one month; more typically, a term plan will cover 5, 10, 15 or 20 years.) While each person’s situation is different, term life insurance may be just the right product to meet your current needs. For instance, did you know:

  • term life insurance plans have been rated among the lowest-cost plans available in the marketplace for both men and women.
  • A 35-year-old male, with a super preferred Nonsmoker status, can purchase a $250,000 policy (a 10-year term life insurance product) for as low as $137.50 a year.
  • 62% of all term life insurance sales are to adult males, 37% adult females, 1% juvenile (“The Buyer Study of the U.S.”, LIMRA).
  • 71% of all term life insurance buyers are between the ages of 25 – 44; 80% of the buyers are married (“The Buyer Study of the U.S.”, LIMRA).Life insurance can be expensive, especially term life insurance is you still don’t have life and health insurance exam. It is now widely known that term life insurance is a commodity, and improved availability of information, such as at this site, are making it even more so. Whether you wish to use life insurance as an investment or for your families protection is your decision; but for just pure life insurance, which is term life insurance, why pay more than needed? Free life insurance quotes are available. We maintain a database of all the top rated companies (only those with an “A” rating or higher) in the country and help you survey the most competitive term life insurance companies and their rates. We also specialize in hard to place cases. If you feel you have special circumstances which will affect your rates, you can request a custom quote. We can help you get coverage where others couldn’t!To get a free online term life insurance quote enter your information below and hit the ‘instant quote’ button. In just seconds you will see the top 10 quotes available from the top rated insurance companies. You will be able to save the quotes and/or compare them to other amounts and lengths of coverage. You can also apply right online!

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